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Spiral Mixer

Spiral MixerFully Automatic Double Motion Double Speed Spiral Mixer


• Microcomputer digital display control panel, luxurious and artistic, convenient operation;

• Two motors realize double-motion double-speed operation, high speed and high water absorption, prolong the useful life of the equipment.

• Imported steel and original electric appliances are used, provided with overload or phase absence protection function, low fault rate.

• The blended dough has good tenacity, high in-furnace expansion ratio, saving production cost.

Model NFJ-15 NFJ-25 NFJ-50
Exterior Dimensions 850x520x1060 960x530x1060 1110x710x1060
Specification (Plates) 15kg 25kg 50kg
Barrel Rotating Speed 20 19 18
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Power 2.8kw 3.4kw 5.0kw


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