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Smokeless Grill, Oiless In Door Korean Grill

Smokeless, Oiless In Door Korean GrillSmokeless Grill , Oiless In Door Korean Grill

Scientific, Healthy and Eco-Friendly Roaster that Uses Infrared Light

 Smokeless grill

Dimension of Smokeless Grill
Type of Infrared Light Used Short-Wave Infrared Light
Max Output Temperature of Smokeless Grill HEATER: 1,200-14,000 °C
Heating Time of Smokeless Grill
Immediate (within 1 second)
Heat Transmitting Method of Smokeless Grill Radiation (no ventilation need)
Consecutive Heating Time Over 3,000 hours
Inferiority Rate Less than 0.1%
Safety of Smokeless Grill
Environmental Shared of Smokeless Grill No smell, smoke, toxic or sound
Installation of Smokeless Grill
For indoors or outdoors


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