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Ice Blender HIMIX

product4 Ice Blender HIMIX

Digital Timer System Heavy Duty Blender

• Create your favorite drinks only spending few seconds with Himix
• Making an ice, frozen fruit, coffee or similar foods nice and soft in homogeneousness.
• Himix Helps you improving cooking.
• Homogenize corn, vegetable, meat, fish etc, are suitable for a mixer.

The Ultimate Blender for Kitchen and Bar!

• Stainless steel blade is semipermeable in use.
• Proud of the powerful 1100W, 24000-27000RPM and design the prevention of overload. (overheating)
• Resist the heat and the impact, made with the specific material for the harmlessness of users.
• Separate manufacture, drink smoothie use and food blender kitchen use.
• Adopting the sound absorption to make a noise minimum and providing benefit for your needs.

Himix is a high quality mixer with one touch button switch in an electronic circuit.


Rating Voltage 220-230V/50Hz
Electricity  24000-27000RPM
Dimension 250x275x530
Weight 15.5kg
Max time setting 60sec (time scale 1 sec)
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